Matar paneer

Matar paneer: Searching restaurant-style recipe? your wait is over!


Matar Paneer is originated from the Indian subcontinent and is widely consumed by people all across the world. It is a popular recipe about which people are crazy.
In the Indian subcontinent, it is made in every look and corner, even restaurants serve this delicious dish, it is consumed by people at weddings, parties, etc.
it is generally a blend of peas and paneer cubes in thick tomato onion sauce along with a different variety of spices.
Matar paneer is often presented with either naan, chapati, poori or even rice.
it is an easy and quick recipe which is generally made in 30-40 mins.
numerous other ingredients are often added, such as potato, corn, yogurt or cream. Matar Paneer

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All children in India are very fond of paneer/cottage cheese. and crazy when their grandmother’s cook for them. and I am on that list too!

I am sure you will love this recipe and it will be one of your favorites.  so, start cooking for your family and make them happy!

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Ingredients for Matar paneer –

1- Paneer/ cottage cheese (10-11 pieces)

2- Peas

3-Oil (2tbsp)

4-Tej Patta/ Bay leaf (1)

5-Coriander powder ( 3/4 tsp)

6-Cumin powder


8-Kasuri methi/ dried fenugreek leaves

9-Cinnamon stick

10-Red Chili powder

11-Garam masala

12-Boiled water (in case you want more gravy)

13- Fresh Cream


15-Cumin seeds

16-Turmeric powder

Steps for Onion Tomato Paste-

1.Chop onion (big size), green chili(finely chopped), ginger and garlic(finely chopped)

Matar paneer

2.take a frying pan add chopped onions, ginger, garlic, and green chili

3.saute it for good 5 mins till it turns golden brown

 Matar paneer add tomatoes

5.add cashews

Matar paneer set aside to cool it

7.grind it to make a paste-like consistency


  • put oil in the Kadai/utensil
  • add all spices (cumin seeds, cinnamon sticks, and bay leaf)
Matar paneer
  • after that add powdered spices (chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder, garam masala, coriander powder)
Matar paneer
  • Now add blended onion tomato paste (cook for at least 15-20 minutes on low flame so that rawness of tomato goes away)
Matar paneer
  • now add salt to it
  • switch off the flame and after that add a little cream
Matar paneer
  • now finally add peas and paneer/cottage cheese cubes
Matar paneer
  • mix it well
  • now add crushed Kasuri methi with hands and some coriander leaves for taste
Matar paneer
  • simmer and cover it, cook for 10-15 mins

Your Matar paneer is ready, now you can eat it with the bread of your choice to be it-chapati, naan, poori, rice.

It will go on with everything

I know how you are enjoying it with your family!

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