nanikirecipeHey lovely people out there, if you are reading this then a big thank you to you for landing up on my page, I hope you liked what you were searching for.

I am a Delhi based girl AYESHA VERMA and started my blog when I was in college the second year (2018) thinking that my grandma (Nani) is the worlds most brilliant cook and every day she inspired me, by watching them I used to cook and thankfully every time it turned out to be finger licking good, so i thought why not share my grandma/ Nani’s recipe sometimes with my touch to such a platform where it could help people who are searching for good recipes and by the grace of God, i landed up doing a course of digital marketing where we were taught how to make website and reach a mass of people on google so I was very excited I made my website obviously in the name of my Nani and searched for some amazing names and chose NANI KI RECIPE because in India we all know Nani is considered the best chef.

but after the course was finished I was unable to devote my time on my website and months passed by and I did not work on my website but now I am finally graduated. so now ill tell something about my self

I am Ayesha Verma, Delhi based girl, 21 years old and graduated in bachelors of business administration.


absolutely look cooking, baking because I feel tension less while cooking, has a keen interest in fashion and have a youtube channel where as usual I was on a break but will definitely start again soon, I like styling, dressing up, huge fan of makeup and start my own clothing brand, and will continue blogging and start another blogging website also.

many dreams much inspiration lets see what happens

if you liked my story then stay connected I shall share more such recipes and helping people make tasty food.


love love

-nanikirecipe /Ayesha Verma

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